Lunch Menu

Danish potato sandwich
with mayo, radish, red onion,
garden cress, potato and bacon
195,- (gr, gh, gb, e)

Roastbeef sandwich
with cornichons, horseradish, remoulade,
fried onions, red onions and salad
195,- (gh, gr, e, m)

Skagen sandwich
with shrimp, trout roe, pickled onion,
salad, mayo, lemon and dill
195,- (gh, gr, f, s, e)

Plaice sandwich
with danish remoulade, shrimp, salad
red onion, lemon and dill
195,- (f, m, e, s, gr, gh)

Luke warm pepperpaté
on Danish rye bread with horseradish, beets,
fried mushroom, bacon and pickles
195,- (sl, sn, gh, gb, gr, m)

Pickled herring on rye bread
with potato, red onions, egg, dill and lemon
195,- (e, f, gr, gh, gb)

Dry age hamburger
from Annis with pickled red onion, mushroom,
bluecheese, truffle mayo and parmesan fries
235,- (m, gh, gr, e)

with aioli, cheddar, pickled onions,
pickles and parmesan fries
215,- (gh, m, e)



Crème brûlée with berries
139,- (e, m)



f-fish, m-milk, gh–flour, gb–barley, gr–rye, e–egg, s–shellfish, n–nuts, nv–walnuts, nh–hazelnuts, so–soy, su–sulfites, lu–lupine, b–molluscs, se–sesameseeds, p–peanuts, sl–celery, sn–mustard