Lunch Menu

Meat patties from Smedstuen farm on freshly baked bread With green pepper dressing, fried onion and fried egg 199,-
(e, gh, m, sn, su)

Creamed Shrimp salad on our freshly baked bread With salad from Elstøen nursery and lemon 189,-
(s, f, e, su, gh, m, sn)

Smoked samon from Stranda on Our freshly baked bread With dill cream, red onion and roe 189,-
(f, gh, m, su)

Salad With chicken from Jæren, creamed chevre from Haukeli, pickled beets from Skjørtvedt farm and bacon from Smedstuen farm 189,-
(su, m, sn)

Veggie burger from Norwegian seaweed and black beans, dressing With beets from Skjørtvedt farm, pickles and Solør potatoes 215,-
(sn, su, se)

Grilled neck of pork from Ragnhild and Knut Ødegaard in Valdres, red cabbage from Linnes farm, freshly baked bread, beer mustard and salad from Elstøen nursery 225,-
(gh, sn, su)

Norwegian fish soup with carrots, leeks and mussels 199,-
(f, m, s, e, sn, su, gh)

Beef burger from butcher Eftedal With blue cheese from Selbu, green pepper dressing, pickles and Solør potatoes 215,-
(gh, sn, e, m, su)

Today’s Special 189,-

Carrot cake With Orange and Sweet Walnut 129,- (e, gh, nv)

Chocolate cake With Vanilla ice cream 129,- (m, e)

Vanilla crème brûlée with seasonal berries 129,- (m, e)

f-fish, m-milk, gh–flour, gb–barley, gr–rye, e–egg, s–shellfish, n–nuts, nv–walnuts, nh–hazelnuts, so–soy, su–sulfites, lu–lupine, b–molluscs, se–sesameseeds, p–peanuts, sl–celery, sn–mustard