Seafood bisque with crab and dill oil
159,-  (s, m, b)

Cured moose, with lingonberry cream, pickled mushrooms and crisp rye bread
189,-  (m, gr)

Fried scallops from Hitra with cauliflower cream
164,- (b, sl, m)

Oxtail croquettes with plum compote, blue cheese and broth
174,- (m, gh)


Light Snacks

Oysters from Grimstad
39,- each (b)

Hand-carved cured ham from Strøm- Larsen with brioche
164,- pr 100g (m, e, gh)

Cheese platter – Today’s selection and price
(m, gh)


Main Courses

Pan fried ling with carrot puré, hollandaise, kale, grilled carrots and potato fondant
299,- (f, e, m)

Beetroot risotto
229,- (s, m)

Butter fried turbot with pan fried potatoes, celery and chicken jus
289,- (f, m, s)

Sirloin of beef with grilled gem lettuce, gratinated potatoes and bearnaise
200g/400g – 299,-/449,- (m, e)

Pan fried duck breast with plum sauce, root vegetables, fried Jerusalem artichoke and barley
289,- (m, su, gb)

Seafood bisque with crab and dill oil
199,- (s, m, b)

Today’s Special 189,-
(ask your waiter)



Crème brûllée with seasonal berries
139,- (m, e)

Marinated berries with whipped cream
119,- (m, gh)

Dark chocolate fondant with blue cheese
149,- (m, gh, e)

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream
139,- (gh, e, m)


Chef’s Menu

3 Course Chef’s Menu

3 gl of wine paired to Chef’s Menu

3 beers paired to Chef’s Menu


f-fish, m-milk, gh–flour, gb–barley, gr–rye, e–egg, s–shellfish, n–nuts, nv–walnuts, nh–hazelnuts, so–soy, su–sulfites, lu–lupine, b–molluscs, se–sesameseeds, p–peanuts, sl–celery, sn–mustard