Seafood bisque with salad of crayfish from Hitra and dill oil 164, -/ 199, –
(s, m, b)

Stortorvet’s hand-cut raw beef from Axel Andersen with tarragon emulsion and herbs from Tåsen Microgreens 100g / 200g – 169, -/ 229,-
(e, gh, m, su)

“Svele” With fermented Trout and whitefish roe from Valdres, sour cream and red onion 169,-
(m, f, gh)

Roasted bone marrow on brioche, With capers, mustard, pickles and sherry vinaigre 159, –
(gh, sn)

Light Snacks

Oysters from Grimstad: 39,- each

Hand-carved cured ham from Strøm-Larsen
134,- pr. 150g

Crayfish au gratin from Midsund with ramson butter – market price
(s, m)

Cheese platter – seasonal selection & price
(m, gh)

Main Courses

Sirloin of beef with roasted marrow-bone, salad, terragon emulsion and potato au gratin 200g/400g – 299,-/449,-
(m, e, sn)

Poached Cod, served with a variation of celeriac from Ihla farm, Holtefjell XO and chicken jus 299,-
(m, f, e)

Braised leg of lamb from Strøm Larsen, mushroom risotto With Holtefjell XO and Herbs from Tåsen 289, –
(m, su)

Creamy ecological mussels from Rissa and halibut, With Kuba from Metervare 289,-
(m , f, b)

A Whole spring chicken With lemon thyme jus, white asparagus, turnip, carrot from Vold farm and cabbage from Hafstad farm 349,-

Mushroom risotto With Holtefjell XO and Herbs from Tåsen 229,-

Today’s Special 189,-


Vanilla crème brûleé with seasonal berries 129,-
(m, e)

Kefir espuma With honey ice cream and honey crumble 139,-
(m, gh)

Cheese cake of Nyr from Grøndalen farm and Brown cheese 139,-

“Kromkake” filled With chocolate, creamed sea buckthorn and hazelnut ice cream 139,-
(m, e, gh, nh)

f-fish, m-milk, gh–flour, gb–barley, gr–rye, e–egg, s–shellfish, n–nuts, nv–walnuts, nh–hazelnuts, so–soy, su–sulfites, lu–lupine, b–molluscs, se–sesameseeds, p–peanuts, sl–celery, sn–mustard