Cured meat platter
Selection from Annis pølsemakeri
194,- (m, gr, se)

Cheese platter
with marmalade and crisp bread
194,- (m, gr, se)

from Grimstad
1u 39,- / 6u 195,- (b, s)


Light eats

Open faced shrimp sandwich
Mayonnaise, lemon, pickled red onion,
dill and roe
215,- (s, f, m, e)

Shrimp basket
Shrimps in their shell, with bread,
lemon and mayonnaise
195,- (s, m, e, gh, gr)

with Löirom, rye bread chips and ramson
199,- (e, m, f, gh, gr, sn)

with brown butter hollandaise,
rye chips
175- (e, m)

with olive oil, pepper, herbs, tomato, red
onion, and grilled bread
175,- (m, gh, gr)




Grilled gem lettuce
with chicken, lemon, Parmesan, bacon,
croutons and caesar dressing
229,- (nh)

Steamed mussels
with chorizo, apple and fennel, served with fries
249,- (m, b)

Dry age burger
from “Annis pølsemakeri”, servered with
cheddar, chipotle mayo, pickled red onion,
pickles & fries
235,- (m, gh, e, sn)

Grilled Silverloin
from “Annis pølsemakeri” with fries, creamed
roasted pepper, beef jus, broccolini and salad
349,- (m)

Fried mackerell
with pickled apple, pickles, fennel,
dill, sour cream with ramson, potato, onion
259,- (f, m)




Crème Brûllée
with berries
139,- (m, e)

Chocolate cream
with marinated cherries, orange crisp
and burnt white chocolate.
139,- (e, gh, m)

Lemon curd
with meringue caramel crisp
and dried berries
139,- (m, gh, e)


Today’s special

Please ask your waiter



f-fish, m-milk, gh–flour, gb–barley, gr–rye, e–egg, s–shellfish, n–nuts, nv–walnuts, nh–hazelnuts, so–soy, su–sulfites, lu–lupine, b–molluscs, se–sesameseeds, p–peanuts, sl–celery, sn–mustard